Truth Will Out: Synopsis

Cast: 5m / 4f
Running time (approximate):
To be confirmed
Availability: Truth Will Out is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
Truth Will Out has not been published.


George Oliver (60, a retired factory worker & former shop steward)
Daphne Oliver (50, a part-time Dinner Lady)
Donnie Oliver (16, their son, a schoolboy)
Janet Tasselle (early 30s, their daughter, former lawyer, now MP)
Sefton Crichton-Fleming (senior civil servant)
Ian Morton (his assistant)
Peggy Catwick (30s, a journalist)
Katherine Hetcham (50s, a head teacher) *
Bill Turpin (40s, a taxi driver) **
Tammy Shoehorn (Sefton's secretary) *
Jim Tungsten (a computer technician) **

* / ** played by the same actor
SJT Brochure Summer 2020
Everyone has secrets. Certainly former shop steward George, his right-wing MP daughter Janet, investigative journalist Peggy, and senior civil servant Sefton, do.

And all it’s going to take is one tech-savvy teenager with a mind of his own and time on his hands to bring their worlds tumbling down – and maybe everyone else’s along with them. A storm is brewing…

Truth Will Out is an up-to-the-minute satire on family, relationships, politics and the state of the nation from the pen of one of our greatest modern moralists, Alan Ayckbourn.

Reproduced from the Stephen Joseph Theatre 2020 brochure for the world premiere of the play, which was cancelled as a result of their Covid-19 pandemic.

All research for this p[age by Simon Murgatroyd.